Varassin & Sazima (2012)

General information

Data describing interactions between bromeliads and their pollinators in the Southern Brazil Atlantic Rainforest. Hummingbirds pollinated 19 out of 23 bromeliad species, of which 11 were also pollinated by bees and/or butterflies.

Data type

The authors recorded the identities of Bromeliaceae species, their pollinators and their interaction frequency. Data are presented as a weighted interaction matrix, in which cells with a "0" indicates no interaction and values higher than 0, the frequency of interactions between pair species.


Varassin I.G. & Sazima M. (2012) Spatial heterogeneity and the distribution of bromeliad pollinators in the Atlantic Forest. Acta Oecologica, 43: 104-112.

Data files

Excel format

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