Robertson (1929)

General information

The author listed 1429 animal species visiting flowers of 456 plant species that grew in a small area in southwestern Illinois, USA. Marlin and LaBerge (2001) describe Robertson’s methods.

Data type

The author recorded the identities of flower visitor and plant species and their interactions. Data are presented as a binary interaction matrix, in which cells with a "1" indicate an interaction between a pair of species, and a "0" indicates no interaction.


Original data: Robertson, C. 1929. Flowers and insects: lists of visitors to four hundred and fifty-three flowers. Carlinville, IL, USA, C. Robertson.

Sampling methods: Marlin, J. C. & LaBerge, W. E. 2001. The native bee fauna of Carlinville, Illinois, revisited after 75 years: a case for persistence. Conserv. Ecol. 5.


Data files

Text format: interaction matrix (pollinators in rows, plants in columns, no species names), pollinator and plant names (order of names corresponds to order of rows and columns in matrix, respectively)

Excel format: data in list format

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