Ollerton et al. (2007)

General information

Data on host anemone use by amphiprionine anemonefish were taken from Fautin & Allen (1997), supplemented by information obtained during the past decade by D.G.F., including correction of an error in Fautin & Allen (1997): Macrodactyla doreensis is a host of Amphiprion chrysopterus, not Amphiprion chrysogaster. All data are for natural occurrences; in captivity, many anemonefish can live with host anemones that we have never seen them inhabit in nature (indeed, in captivity some anemonefish will take up residence in European or temperate Pacific anemones; Fautin & Allen 1997).
Data type

The authors recorded the identities of anemonefish and their anemone hosts and their interactions. Data are presented as a binary interaction matrix, in which cells with a "1" indicate an interaction between a pair of species, and a "0" indicates no interaction. The spreadsheet also includes distributional data.


Fautin, D. G. & Allen, G. R. 1997 Anemonefishes and their host sea anemones. Perth, Australia: Western Australian Museum. Revised edition

Ollerton, J., McCollin, D., Fautin, D.G. & Allen, G.R. (2007) Finding NEMO: nestedness engendered by mutualistic organisation in anemonefish and their hosts. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, doi:10.1098/rspb.2006.3758.

Data files

Text format: interaction matrix (no species names)

Excel format: interaction matrix (includes species lists and distributional data)

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