Olesen et al. (2002)

General information

The structure of pollination networks were investigated for two oceanic islands, the Azorean Flores and the Mauritian Ile aux Aigrettes.

Data type

The authors recorded their data by counting the number of visits of each flower visitor species to each plant species. Data are presented as an interaction frequency matrix, in which cells with positive integers indicate the frequency of interaction between a pair of species, and cells with zeros indicate no interaction.


Olesen, J. M., L. I. Eskildsen, and S. Venkatasamy. 2002. Invasion of pollination networks on oceanic islands: importance of invader complexes and endemic super generalists. Diversity and Distributions 8:181-192.

Data files

Text format (no species names) for Ile aux Aigrettes and Flores

Excel format (includes species lists) for Ile aux Aigrettes and Flores

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