Medan et al. (2002)

General information

This study describes plant-pollinator interaction networks at two sites located at different altitudes in the Andes of Mendoza, Argentina. The characteristic of the networks were compared between the two altitudes, and comparisons were also made with previous studies conducted in other systems.

Data type

The authors recorded the identities of flower visitor and plant species and their interactions. Data are presented as a binary interaction matrix, in which cells with a "1" indicate an interaction between a pair of species, and a "0" indicates no interaction.


Medan, D., N. H. Montaldo, M. Devoto, A. Mantese, V. Vasellati, and N. H. Bartoloni. 2002. Plant-pollinator relationships at two altitudes in the Andes of Mendoza, Argentina. Arctic Antarctic and Alpine Research 34:233-241.

Data files

Text format (no species names): Laguna Diamante, Río Blanco

Excel format (includes species lists): both interaction matrices

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