Kohler (2011)

General information

Data describing the interactions between hummingbirds and floral resources in an altitudinal gradient in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest. Three altitudinal dimensions were sampled: 350-600 m (6 hummingbirds and 18 plant species), 600-850 m (4 hummingbirds and 10 plant species) and 850-1100 m (4 hummingbirds and 7 plant species).

Data type

The authors recorded the identities of hummingbirds, ornithophilous flowers, and their interaction frequency. Data are presented as weighted interaction matrices, in which cells with a "0" indicates no interaction and values higher than 0 show the frequency of interactions between pairs of species.


Kohler G.U. (2011) Redes de interação planta-beija-flor em um gradiente altitudinal de Floresta Atlântica no Sul do Brasil. MSc. Thesis. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ecologia e Conservação, Curitiba, Brasil. 45 p.

Data files

·          Excel format – 350- 600 m

·          Excel format – 600- 850 m

·          Excel format – 850- 1100 m


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