Davidson & Fisher (1991)

General information

In this paper the authors discuss why it is wrong to assume that reciprical extreme specialization is a prerequiste for coevolution and consider how different kinds of asymmetry in specialization lead to different forms of coevolution.

Data type

The authors recorded their data by counting the number of visits of each ant species to each plant species. Data are presented as an interaction frequency matrix, in which cells with positive integers indicate the frequency of interaction between a pair of species, and cells with zeros indicate no interaction.


Davidson, D.W., and B.L. Fisher. 1991. Symbiosis of ants with Cecropia as a function of light regime. Pages 289-309 in C.R. Huxley and D.F. Cutler, eds., Ant-Plant Interactions. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

Data files

Text format: interaction matrix (no species names)

Excel format: interaction matrix (includes species lists)

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