Beehler (1983)

General information

This study focused on a forest on the southwest slopes of Mount Missim, north-northeast of Wau, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea and was completed from July 1978 to November 1980. While studying the behavior and ecology of four species of birds of paradise in the mountains, the author gathered data on the feeding behavior of the local bird species which shared fruit resources..

Data type

The authors recorded their data by counting the number of visits of each bird species to each plant species. Data are presented as an interaction frequency matrix, in which cells with positive integers indicate the frequency of interaction between a pair of species, and cells with zeros indicate no interaction. 


Beehler, B. 1983. Frugivory and polygamy in birds of paradise. The Auk 100: 1-12.

Data files

Text format: interaction matrix (no species names)

Excel format: interaction matrix (includes species lists)

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