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February 03, 2017

Atlantic Forest bromeliad-pollinator network from Kaehler et al. (2005) added to IWDB.

Atlantic Forest plant-hummingbird networks from Kohler (2011)added to IWDB.

Atlantic Forest bromeliad-pollinator network from Varassin & Sazima (2012) added to IWDB.

Seychelles restoration networks from Kaiser-Bunbury et al. (2017) added to IWDB

July 24, 2016 
Plant-frugivore multilayer network from Genrich et al. (2016) added to IWDB

March 09, 2016 
Problem with broken links fixed

February 11, 2016 
Vizentin-Bugoni et al. (2016) added to IWDB: hummingbird-plant interactions at the Brazilian Atlantic Forest,
also including species abundances, phenologies, and morphological data.

February 05, 2016 
IWDB is now open for the submission of new datasets. If you would like to publicly share your ecological network data on IWDB, please contact Paulo Guimaraes (prguima@usp.br). IWDB datasets are freely available and reusable.